Rotary Club of El Paso puts the spotlight on various club members to offer their personal views and perspectives on what Rotary means to them.
This section of the website is a great way to learn more about our membership and the type of people who are attracted to Rotary membership.

We are blessed to have so many members who are committed to the principles of Rotary. This comes from the heart, and we cherish those for giving so much of themselves. Each couple of months we will be adding to this list because there are so many who do so much.  Thank all Rotarians for being part of this amazing organization that serves the community and the globe!


David Kessinger

David is selfless in his passion and generosity in running and building ramps for those in need. David manages this initiative and is the first to sling the hammer and saw to get this hard work done on schedule. Be sure to thank him when you see him.


Mike Adkins

This is a superhero who never turns down a challenging job. Mike is running the Sun Bowl Golf fundraiser with his tireless energy. Mike also is involved with the Quin Scholarship program and so much more. Thank you, Mike!

Mark Matthys

Who is the first to volunteer when a job needs doing? It is Mark! He is an amazing and selfless person and involved with about everything our Rotary Club does. Right now, he also is Chair for our biggest fundraiser of the year, The El Paso Winefest! We love you, Mark!

Ames Davis

We’ve needed a kick in the pants to get our membership drives going and Ames is the one to get that job done. This is a tough job and Ames has what it takes to meet our membership goals this year. Thank her when you see her!

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